President’s Letter

January 25, 2019

Dear Fellow Members of University City Swim Club,

No, Virginia, the Eagles will not win the Super Bowl again this year, but perk up! The 2019 season of the University City Swim Club starts May 18 with preview weekend! That means it is time to reserve your spot for this summer. You must register by April 1, or you will incur late fees and possibly lose your membership for the summer. We continue to have robust interest in renewals and a long waiting list. If you do not plan to renew this year, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can extend the opportunity to those who have patiently waited.

Enclosed are the materials you will need to register and information on the pool season and special events we are planning. We are again holding our dues to the prior year levels, despite some increases in costs, primarily labor costs. In addition, as we have for the last few years, we are offering an early morning (6:30 – 8:30 a.m.) lap swim option. Please see the end of the Financial Terms and Conditions for more information on the early lap swim program. I am also pleased to report that we will once again have Debby Brown as our manager for the season.

We should all be thankful that we have maintained a strong Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of our membership. Currently, our Board membership and officers are the same as last year. We will lose the contributions of Stephen Johnson later this year, however, as he and his family are moving to California. We are grateful for all the work he has done on the facilities of the Club during his many years as a Director, especially spearheading the renovations of the locker rooms, pool resurfacing, and various other repairs and upgrades over the years. We wish Stephen and his family the best and will expect some guest appearances in the grilling area in the future. We are also thankful as always for Jean Jordan’s continued dedication in heading up operations, including our special events, during the season. Jean looks forward to your suggestions to enhance our members’ experience in refining these events.

After over two years of discussions, the owners of 4900 Spruce St. have a permit for an apartment building, and construction may start this summer. The building will include seven floors of residences and an eighth floor of amenities and open deck. Based on changes to the building regulations, no variances are required, so community input is now limited.

Finally, while we have contributions from all of our Board members, we ask that all of our Club members consider becoming active, either as a Board member or on a specific project. Other than the lifeguards and facility operation during the summer run by our pool management company, nearly everything that happens with UCSC is accomplished by volunteer members. If you value UCSC and its history and role in our community and want to be part of shaping its future, please consider how you might become more involved with the Club. Maintaining the diversity of the Club is always a priority, and the Board has initiated a Diversity Committee led by Clare Tracy Stickney, David Mandell and Guina Hammond, who will reach out to the membership this season.

I am very much looking forward to the next season enjoying our pool.

Warm regards,
Gray Laub