Locker Room Reviews

The new locker rooms are beautiful!  So bright & much more useful.  Looks like it will make the summer swim season even more fun & relaxful.

Wonderful!  Thank You!

Beautiful locker room!  Thanks for adding lockers!  I LOVE the cute curtain.  Your time & efforts are greatly appreciated.  P.S.  Many thanks to the “locker room ladies” for their patience & assistance.

It’s Beautiful!  Love it looking forward to using it this summer!  See ya soon.

Job well done, love the space, amount of showers with handicap shower!  The décor with the waves and low counter below mirror is perfect.  And amazingly it was completed on time.  Fantastic.

Love it.  Looks great, new lockers (O+)   =)  & wish there were more children’s changing stations.

It’s great.  Lots of lockers- variety of sizes is good.  Love the lighting + layout.  Good job.  Thanks!!

Looks great!

Looks Great!  Quite an improvement.  My daughter loves double shower.  Lighting much better!

Awesome Improvement!  I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful renovation to the women’s locker room.  It is wonderfully bright, great color selection & lighting design.  Well done!

Looks fantastic!  Wonderful, clean, bright, spacious.

It all looks lovely.  The women’s locker is bright + airy + clean + well organized.  Thanks!

Looks great!  I appreciate extra lights and lockers.  Sinks and showers are awesome.

Locker rooms look great!  Nice, clean showers and private changing rooms!  Thanks for all the work in fixing things up!  Also, lighting is much better!

Looks great!

Terrific.  Very happy.  Hope it didn’t cost too much, though.  I wasn’t that unhappy w/ the way it used to be!

It’s awesome, very practical!

Great-  wonderful additions.  Shows a lot of thought for members.

I love it!  Great job on the locker room and showers.  More is better.  Everything is so clean and bright.  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you

Love the locker room!  Please solve the charcoal & charcoal fluid fumes that waft into the lap lanes- a fan?  A screen when wind blows wrong way.

I think it’s fabulous.  Thanks to the team for their great work.  Looks like ritzy cabanas in the South of France.  And, my first summer with a locker!

Fabulous!!!  Awesome!  Great job, folks!

Absolutely beautiful, love it

Fantastic- love new entrance, new toilets, sinks, shelves.  Fabulous job.

Excellent- great design & even better project management to get it done.  Smart having 2 entrances, good way-finding.  Good choice flooring- color & texture (amazing caulk joint = pro)!  Wall sconce- very good choice.  Excellent direct / indirect pendants.  Smart locker layout.  Brilliant short locker at end with counter.  Smart Changing area, well lit mirror.  Great fixture, urinals, toilet, grab bars, lavatories, counter = excellent design.  Very smart family ADA stalls w/ baby changing.  Smart shower layout.  Number of stalls very smart- ADA & family shower.  Scale of 1-10 = 10 to the 57th power.  Again, smart functional design.  Great Project Management.