Gray Laub has been a Board member since 2009, has lived in University City since 2007, and has been a Club member since that time. Gray is a partner at the law firm of Dilworth Paxson LLP in Philadelphia, where he specializes in corporate and securities law.


Vice President

Dr. Adrienne Wallace-Chew has been a member of the University City Swim Club since its inception. Her parents still hold charter membership number 244, she purchased her own membership, and her son Ramsey was a lifeguard at UCSC for a number of years. Dr. Chew recently retired after 38 years with the Philadelphia School District, most recently as the principal of the award-winning Palumbo college prep school. Her current professional activities include serving on the Board of Moonstone Pre-School and Cultural Arts Center, being an Adjunct Lecturer at Rosemont College, and consulting to various other organizations and universities.



Steve Pogarsky is a private equity real estate investor. Members of the Club since 2004, he and his wife and their two children enjoy the pool’s opportunities to relax, swim and socialize. He knows that organizations like UCSC need dedicated leadership to maintain their contributions to neighborhood community and diversity, and looks forward to helping continue that tradition through his service on the Board.


Assistant Treasurer

Dr. Lynda Hope Murray-Jackson has been a Board member of UCSC since September 2005.  She currently lives in Camden, Delaware, with her hubby Andre.  Lynda is committed to ensuring the financial viability of the club where she grew up.  Her family was the last charter member in 1964.  Lynda, a CPA, is currently the Assistant Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and adjunct accounting faculty at Delaware State University in Dover, DE.



Patricia Isakowitz has been a member of the swim club for over 20 years and says the swim club has been, and still is, an essential part of her family’s summers. Her husband, Tomas, served on the board for many years. They raised their three children at the pool and all three of them became lifeguards. She has been a psychotherapist in private practice for the past ten years. Prior to that, she worked for CHOP and HUP.  She wants to make sure we stay connected with the sense of community and diversity that gave birth to this club, at the same time as we bring in new and innovative ideas.


Margie Arendt is a licensed Architect who practiced architecture in Philadelphia for many years before pivoting in 2014 to her role as a Construction Project Manager for INTECH Construction, LLC. She lives and works in West Philadelphia, where she and her husband, Wolfram, are raising their two boys. A life-long swimmer, Margie firmly believes in the importance of learning to swim, for both safety and enjoyment.


Guina Hammond, a West Philadelphia native, is a horticulturalist, yoga teacher, holistic health instructor; scuba diver; avid garden photographer; storyteller and swimmer.

Guina has been swimming at the UC Swim Club for twenty-four years and members of her extended family were the two-hundred and ninety-ninth family to join the club. Guina knows the importance of having the swim club in the community and values its existence.


Jeannie Jordan has been Operations Chair since 2006, and is responsible for the Club’s smooth running on a daily basis. She has also organized most of our social activities, including the annual dance and the July 4th celebration. Her watchwords are safety and fairness for all our members. She has been a member or employee of UCSC since 1986, and has worked for the Social Security Administration for over 30 years.


Clare and her family have lived in University City for over 35 years and have been members of the pool for 30 years. She has been involved in the community through employment and various volunteer activities.  A retired school district of Philadelphia teacher and administrator, Clare works with other retired administrators supporting schools adjusting to reduced resources.


Nancy Drye, special assistant to the Board, served on the UCSC board and in various offices (Vice President, President, Secretary) during UCSC’s critical rebuilding period from 2004 to 2010. She has served on several other civic, advocacy, and cultural boards, and also been staff to boards in her professional life as a fundraiser. In addition to her administrative duties with UCSC, she is a free-lance grant-writer and development consultant. She’s been keeping cool at the Club since 1993.