UCSC Financial Terms  AND CONDITIONS for the 2020 SEASON

All Members of the University City Swim Club are assessed dues and fees annually and must pay them in a timely fashion to remain members in good standing and to use the Club.

All Dues and Fees are due April 1, 2020.

To avoid late fees, full payment or initial deposit and arrangements for installments for the season’s dues and fees must be made online (preferably) or postmarked by April 1.  (This year only, late fees will be waived for April.)

Registration must be completed by Preview Weekend (May 16-17, 2020) if you expect to swim Opening/Memorial Day Weekend.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Online Registration: We are moving to a new online registration platform with many advantages and urge everyone to use it.   Detailed instructions will be available when system is live, likely mid -March.  Those registered last year (member or renter) should find their basic contact info in the initial data upload.  Please verify and complete the info in your record, including the emergency contact and dates of birth; select the family members (adding any that are missing) to be registered this year and pay online.  Members who rented out last year and are returning this year should do the same. There are several installment options to choose from.

If there is an installment option that works for you, please use it. Those who are unwilling or unable to pay online, or wish another installment arrangement, are urged to complete registration online up to final payment, print out their order and send it with their check (or charge info for a manual charge), along with any alternative installment proposal.  We will enter the payment into the online system, which is becoming the repository of all membership info.  Returned checks incur a fee of $50.

Such payments should be mailed to UCSC, PO Box 9446, Philadelphia PA 19139. For security, please do not send info for a manual charge over the internet. Note: Do NOT mail to Hanson Street, as we receive no mail at the Club.  Questions may be directed to INFO@ucswimc.org

Initial registrations April 2-30 late fees waived this year; May 1-17 late fee discounted to $25; May 18 or later, if there is still room for you, late fee is $100.

Card Distribution: During Preview Weekend (May 16-17, 2020) Club officials will be available at the Club during the following times for card distribution, ladies locker registration, and late dues payment. (Ladies lockers may be registered only after cards are picked up.)

Saturday, May 16 from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. and Sunday, May 17 from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M.

        Those registered by May 17 will be able to use the Club Opening/Memorial Day Weekend.

Initial payments received on or after Monday, May 18, will incur a $100 late fee and will provide access to the Club only after the Memorial Day weekend. Your registration may be returned if we have already rented out your membership due to your lack of response.

On Opening Day (May 23) Club officials will be available at the Club primarily for card distribution 10AM-2 PM.

You WILL NOT be able to use the Club Opening /Memorial Day Weekend if we have not received your registration and at least the initial deposit by Sunday, May 17.

If you are not able to pick up your cards during the scheduled times, you can access the Club and bring guests via the gate list/ data base. After Memorial Day weekend, cards will be available at the front desk (although you may be asked to wait if the desk is busy) and during photo sessions at times to be posted.

We encourage everyone to register and pay online. See above for alternative arrangements if necessary. For security reasons, cash is not accepted for membership dues.


If you want to pay in installments, you should choose one of the online plans if possible.  Your card on file will be automatically charged for the installments as scheduled.

If you need an alternate schedule, register online and get in touch via Info@ucswimc.org  to discuss other arrangement, for completion by June 15.  Each installment beyond the deposit incurs an additional $5 processing fee.

If paying by check, it is your responsibility to adhere to the schedule you set.  If you schedule manual credit card installment payments, your schedule will be considered charge authorization, and the charges will be made by our office on or within a few days after the dates you set.

If you need to change your schedule, contact us. All installment payments must be completed by June 15, unless special arrangements are made with the Treasurer or Special Assistant (Info@ucswimc.org).  Please remember to include the processing fee.

Failure to comply with your installment plan may result in suspension of Club privileges.

LATE FEES  for 2020 only

April late fee waived this year only; $25 late fee May 1-17; $100 late fee applies to registrations/initial payments, received on or after May 18, assuming we are not full.

New members and renters are not charged late fees due to rolling admission.


Refunds are considered by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis. Any such request must be submitted in writing to the Board of the University City Swim Club. The Board will evaluate all special situations. The decision of the Board is final.

For refund requests made and approved before May 18, a refund will be made within two weeks after the membership has been rented out to another family.

For refund requests made between May 18 and July 31, refunds will be made at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

On and after August 1, no refund requests will be considered.

Any refund may be reduced by the processing fee charged by our vendors.


If you wish not to pay dues and thus make your membership available for rental by another family for the season, please   verify your info in the online system and contact us in writing or via electronic mail (info@ucswimc.org) as early as possible so that we may accommodate prospective members on the waiting list.

Members who have not paid current dues and fees by May 1 risk having their memberships rented out for the season.

Any membership with an outstanding prior year balance and owing current season dues and fees as of May 31 will be considered for termination by the Board.

A membership may be made available for rental for two consecutive seasons only.

A membership will be considered for termination by the Board at the beginning of the third consecutive season that the membership is made available for rental.

Rental memberships include an annual rental fee in addition to the current season dues and fees. At the discretion of the Board, membership rental fees may accrue limited credit toward full membership purchase for all offers made during a given season.

UCSC maintains a Wait List of prospective members.  Rental memberships, if available, are offered by the Board only to those on the Wait List. Renters who are offered a full membership and decline will be made inactive and must reapply to the Wait List for both rental and permanent memberships.


Permanent membership costs may be paid in installments as indicated in the membership offer.

The permanent membership fee depreciates over five (5) years. If a new member terminates membership in the first five years of membership (before the opening of the subsequent season), the member is entitled to a refund of a percentage of the membership fee. The refund is equal to 80% of the fee if the membership is terminated before the beginning of the second season of membership and the refund is further reduced by 20% for each additional year of membership.


Alumni status is available in lieu of full seasonal membership to individuals age 60 or over who have been active members for 15 years or longer, or individuals age 50 or over who have been active members for 20 years or longer (as indicated in UCSC records). Contact (215) 471-7665 or info@ucswimc.org for more information and the special registration form.  Alumni status permits only 10 visits during the season and five guest slots.  The membership of the alumni individual is retained (but rented out for that season) and can be reinstated in subsequent seasons by paying full season dues. Alumni status is not appropriate for individuals who want to bring more guests or who have younger family members who wish to swim, as it entirely replaces the family membership for the season.  However, if two adults from the same membership each meet the requirements, each could get an alumni card. If you were an Alumni member in 2019 you will automatically have that status in 2020.  Please contact us ASAP if you wish to revert to full membership.


All members and renters who have registered for the season by May 1 may pick up cards on Preview Weekend at the times specified above under “Payments”.  At those times, ladies may register a locker after picking up their cards. (While there is no shortage of men’s lockers, men are also requested to register their lockers for our records.)

For registrations completed May 1 through May 17, cards will be available Saturday, May 23, at the times specified above under “Payments”.  Paid members who do not pick up cards at the specified times will be admitted by gate list/ data base and may bring guests.  Any cards not distributed by May 23 will be available starting Tuesday, May 26, at the front desk. (You may be asked to wait if the desk is busy.)  Cards will also be available during photo sessions at hours to be posted.

Allow up to three weeks to receive cards for registrations or changes submitted after Opening/Memorial Day Weekend. Names of members will typically be added to the computer database or to the “add” list at the front desk within three days after payment is processed. Changes to membership registration on or after June 1 will incur a $5 change fee.

Members not fulfilling payment obligations in a timely manner may be excluded from the Club until the account is brought current.

Membership status and cards are not transferable.  You may upload your own headshots or the Club will be taking photos of members to add to the database at the front desk; for security, these pictures do NOT appear on your card.  These pictures will prevent the transfer of membership status. Photos will also be taken during the times of card distribution and at additional times as posted at the Club. If your photo is not in the system, you may be asked to show a picture ID.  There is a $5 charge to replace a lost card.


The early lap swim is offered on a cost-recovery basis.  We need enough registrants by May 1 to authorize the program and will refund the cost if we don’t reach the goal. Two adults on a membership may share an early lap swim slot if they don’t both come on the same day. For 2020, the early lap swim will be available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM, for 12 weeks, June 9 to Aug 28.