1.  Members are expected to conduct themselves with due regard for the rights of their fellow members.
  2. Members shall inform their children and guests of the Club’s rules and regulations. All questions concerning rules and regulations and operation of this pool should be directed to the Manager on duty. If members or their guests disagree with a lifeguard’s instructions, they should not argue with the guard but see the Manager on Duty. If the matter is not resolved to the member’s satisfaction, he or she may email concerns to
  3. Any rule not covered herein may be instituted by the Manager on an interim basis, pending approval by the Board.
  4. Memberships are NOT transferable. ALL members and their guests must be checked in at the front desk to gain admittance. Violations of this rule may subject the member to suspension at the discretion of the Board.
  5. Pets are excluded from the Club by state and city law.
  6. UCSC is a non-smoking facility.
  7. BY PENNSYLVANIA STATE LAW, YOU MUST SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL. The outdoor shower makes this convenient.
  8. State law stipulates: “Persons with signs of illness or disease or with skin rashes or sores or with bandages shall be excluded from public bathing places, except when certified by a physician not to have a disease in a communicable stage.”
  9. If you or anyone in your family has diarrhea, please stay home.
  10. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted on the pool grounds.
  11. GLASS IS NOT ALLOWED ON POOL GROUNDS. Violators may be asked to leave.
  12. The lifeguard on duty must approve all floating devices, life preservers and swimming equipment.
  13. Running, pushing, and dunking are not permitted.
  14. No water guns or toy whistles are permitted on pool grounds. Whistles are for use by the lifeguards only.
  15. Throwing and playing catch with any object on pool grounds may occur only at the discretion of the Manager and lifeguards on duty. Only toys made for pools or similar soft items (e.g., foam balls and the like) may be used and then only when it is safe and respectful of others in the vicinity.
  16. Lifeguards have the authority to stop any behavior or activity they determine to be unsafe or inappropriate.
  17. Members and their guests must follow the diving rules posted at the diving well area.
  18. In the event of thunder or lightning, the pool, pool deck, baby pool and surrounding area, and the dining area will be closed. You will be required to clear the areas immediately and take your possessions with you. The Manager on duty will determine when it is safe to re-open the Club. You may call 215-471-3180 to see if the Club is open. Guest fees are not refunded due to weather closures, but guests with the fee receipt may return with their hosts later in the day if the pool reopens.
  19. The Manager may re-designate pool usage as needed.
  20. Street clothing is not permitted as swim wear. You must wear a swimsuit to swim in any pool.
  21. Pool shoes are permitted in the pool, on the deck and in the locker rooms. Please do not wear the same shoes outside the pool grounds and in the pool.
  22. Hair that is chin length or longer must be securely tied up or under a bathing cap while in the water. Pony-tail holders are available at the front desk. Swim caps are available for $3 from the office.
  23. No gum chewing is allowed anywhere on pool grounds.
  24. The Club is not responsible for any items lost or stolen on pool grounds, including items left in lockers.
  25. Lockers are provided for the convenience of members.
    • Designated day-use lockers are available for daily use by those without permanent lockers. Use your own lock and remove it by day’s end. Locks left on daily lockers will be cut off at the end of each day and the contents will be held for three days and then discarded. Articles may be claimed for up to three days after their removal upon payment of a $10.00 fee.
    • All lockers must be emptied by 2:00 PM on closing day. Locks left on after 2:00 PM will be cut off and incur a $10 fee even if the locker is empty. Any contents will be held until 6:00 PM and may be claimed between 2:00 and 6:00 PM upon payment of the $10.00 fee.
  26. Guests:
    • Guests who come to the pool on a daily pass must be accompanied for the duration of their visit by the sponsoring member, who must have an active account with the Club.
    • Each family membership includes 40 guest passes per season. Guests will be admitted upon payment of the guest fee. The front desk tracks the number of guest slots each membership uses. Guest credits may be purchased on your account page at All guest credits in your account at the end of the season will expire, and will not transfer to next season.
    • Members may purchase a sitter/caregiver card for either 10 or 20 admissions. The card will be honored only when the bearer accompanies and is responsible for the family member needing care.
    • PARTY POLICY: Any group consisting of 10 or more outside guests OR 20 or more total people (including club members) must register with the Manager and obtain approval at least seven days prior to the event. The Manager will consult with the Board if questions arise. Any unscheduled party will be allowed only at the discretion of the Manager on duty based on staffing adequacy. Parties cannot conflict with scheduled events or major holidays, and should not be scheduled on peak weekend hours. One or two tables may be reserved for a period of up to two hours during the party. The party may be extended at the manager’s discretion. The adult to child-under-18 ratio must be at least one adult for every 3 children. Party guests count toward the 40 guests per season total.
  27. Guests and non-members who pick up people from the Club may enter only after leaving a refundable, $10 per person deposit at the front desk for which they will be given a receipt with entry time noted. Any person who has not left the Club within 10 minutes of the time noted on the receipt will be charged the $10 deposit as an admission fee.
  28. Children (Age determined as of May 1)
    • Age 7 and under:
      • MUST be accompanied and supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES; and
      • MUST WEAR A SWIM DIAPER AND RUBBER PANTS IF NOT TOILET-TRAINED. DIAPER CHANGING IS ALLOWED ONLY ON THE CHANGING TABLES. There are changing tables in the women’s and men’s locker rooms and in the family rest room. Please check your child frequently. Do not change your child’s diapers on deck. Children in diapers are never allowed in the lap pool or dive well.
      • Any person age 5 and over should use only the locker/changing room corresponding to their gender identity. The family bathroom is available if you need to assist someone of a different gender identity who is over the age of 5.
    • Ages 8 through 12 years:
      • Must be accompanied by an adult if they have not passed the swim test;
      • Must pass the swim test administered by a lifeguard to use the Club unaccompanied by an adult;
      • After successfully passing the swim test, must wear a band at all times when at the pool (replacement costs will apply for lost bands);
      • After successfully passing the swim test, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, may use the facilities without an adult present; and
      • May bring guests only if supervised by an adult at all times.
      • After 6:00 PM, all children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Individuals age 13 and older are treated as adults for purposes of these rules and may use the Club facilities without an accompanying adult.
  29. Food, beverages and the dining area:
    • Food and beverages must be consumed in the dining area only. GLASS IS NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON POOL GROUNDS. Violators may be asked to leave.
    • Please clean your table when you leave the dining area. Discard all trash and recyclables in the appropriate containers.
    • Tables may not be reserved except as described above in the Party Policy.
    • Members are asked to be considerate and move their belongings to the shelves when they are finished eating so that others may use the tables. Storage bins on the shelves must conform to posted regulations. Overly large bins will not be permitted.
    • Label all items placed in the refrigerator. Do not leave items in the refrigerator overnight. All items left in refrigerators will be removed at day’s end. Do not take items in the refrigerator that are not yours.
  30. Any portable electronic devices with audio or video capabilities (including iPods, radios, CD players and digital music players) must be used with a headset or earphones, so that the audio signal is not audible to anyone other than the user. The Manager may determine the acceptable audio level of these devices when in use. The Manager may require the user of the device to reduce the volume or turn it off completely.