Schedule of Dues and Fees for the 2020  season 

Annual Membership Dues

Family Fee  (mandatory) $300.00
Each registrant  (Age as of May 1)

(after the mandatory fee above, use the rate for each family member by age)

Adult (21 years old and over) $310.00
Child (under 21 years old) $155.00
Infant (under 6 months-no charge, but must be listed)

Alumni card (if eligible, restricted use; contact for more info and registration form.)


Optional Membership Fees

 Early Lap Swim  (Tu/Wed/Fri 6:30-8:30 AM, June 9- Aug 28)         $100.00

(if we don’t get enough subscribers to run it, will refund the fee; shareable by

 adults registered on one membership using on alternating mornings.)

Sitter/Caregiver Card  (good for 20 uses) $145.00
Sitter/Caregiver Card  (“mini”- good for 10 uses) $85.00
Seasonal Adult House Guest (age 21 and over) $410.00
Seasonal Child House Guest  (under age 21) $205.00
Weekly Adult House Guest Card (13 years and over)* $70.00
Weekly Child House Guest Card (under 13 years)* $35.00
    * purchase weekly guest cards at front desk for named individuals
Installment payment processing fee (for each payment after 1st ) $5.00
Replacement of Swim Test Band or Card $5.00
Change/Add fee (for changes after June 1) $5.00
Late payment fee (April 2 to April 30)  (waived for 2020) $25.00
Late payment fee (May 1 to 17) (discounted to $25 for 2020) $50.00
Late payment fee (as of May 18) if space is available

Locker abandonment fee (for lock cutting)



Returned check fee $50.00


Daily (per day) Guest Fees (Each family membership limited to 40 guests/season)

Child, weekday $5.00
Adult, weekday (13 years old and over) $10.00
Child, weekend/holiday $7.00
Adult, weekend/holiday (13 years old and over) $12.00

Full Membership Fee

New Membership (if offered; some discounts may apply) $2,100.00


Rental Fee

(for those who are not full members) $350.00