Swimming Together Since 1964

The University City Swim Club (UCSC) opened in 1964, a half-block from 48th Street & Spruce Street, Philadelphia. UCSC is a non-profit private club with a proud history of diversity.

A complete reconstruction in 2004 gave us the beautiful pools we enjoy today, and our locker rooms were rebuilt for the 2014 season.

Our bylaws and a volunteer board govern the UCSC, with operations managed and staffed by a professional pool management company.

UCSC is enjoyed by 450 member families (approximately 1,500 individuals). When one of the Club’s member families opts not to use its membership for the season, that membership becomes available for “rental” by another family on the Wait List. (When full memberships become available as families resign, they are offered first to prior renters. Once a full membership is accepted and paid for, the family pays only the dues for the year.) The rental fee, currently $395 is paid annually (plus dues) by renters. Virtually all members have rented for two to three years before a full membership became available.

If you are interested in joining the Waitlist, please click on the Membership tab, and then Join Our Waitlist.