Lessons Overview

All swim lessons are coordinated by Debby Brown, the Progressive Pool Management on-site manager. Lessons are only available to registered pool members and renters.

All swimmers under the age of 13 must pass the UCSC SWIM TEST to use the deep water (any area beyond the 4-foot designation, including the diving board and well).

Questions about swim instruction and safety may be directed to debby@ptd.net

Which level is right for your swimmer? 

Mastering the skills at each level prepares your swimmer to advance to the next level.

Level 1 – Tadpoles

Enter & exit water from side or ladder
Blow bubbles from mouth & nose
Submerge face, mouth, eyes
Back float & recover to vertical
Roll over from front to back

Level 2 – Starfish

Jumps into water
Bobbing under and up
Open eyes under water & retrieve toy
Front & back float into steady glide
Rollover from front & back float
Tread water for 10 seconds

Level 3 – SeaTurtles

Submerges & holds breath
Bobbing up & down, 5X with eyes open
Front, jellyfish & tuck floating
Learn side to side breathing
Practice Flutter kick with board
Learn Frog, Scissors & Dolphin kicks
Push off in streamline position then frog kick
Synchronize flutter kick & add arms

Level 4 – Seals

Swim underwater to retrieve ring
Face first surface dive
Breath side to side, face & forehead down
Streamline into front crawl using rotary arms & flutter kick
Log roll onto back, add arms & kick into Backstroke
Practice Breast stroke using arms & frog kick on surface & underwater

Swim Clinic Level 5 – Dolphins

Build endurance
Learn to Flip Turn
Improve Breathing
Refine Strokes
Intro to Butterfly
Intro to Racing Dives

Swim Clinic Level 6 – Sharks

Endurance for Distance
Streamline Flip Turns
Build Speed
Improve Racing Form
Diving Skills
Swim Team Protocol